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Personality Development

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT   Personality is the sum total of ways in which an individual reacts and interacts with others. Or Personality…

Lead the World and It’s Yours

Lead the World and It’s Yours

Being true to yourself, to your passion and visions,
Is the place where evolution begins.

….. Sadhuji
Your time is limited, so don’t waste it
living someone else’s life.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do,
If you have not found it yet, keep looking, don’t settle.

Most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.

…… Steve Jobs,
Chief, Apple Computer.

Visualise your dreams. Life is purposeless without dreams. When dreams are intense and pure, they possess electromagnetic energy. Desire and dreams together create a new energy every night, as the mind falls into the sleep state. Each morning dreams returns to the conscious state reinforced with the cosmic currents. Dreams help you choose your mission requires hard work and perseverance.
……..….APJ Abdul Kalam.
Go ahead do your own things, and have fun.
….N R Narayanmurthy.

If no one responds to your call- Walk alone.

…….. Rabindranath Tagore.
It is the choice not the chance that determine your destiny.

…..Jean Nidetch.

Nobody wants to live in isolation those who do are very few .Otherwise we live in a society – a group accommodating people of various tastes. And for a group leaders are necessary .You can’t dispense with this fact. Howsoever the society becomes egalitarian – leaders are bound to be there, for it is those leaders only who ensure that the members of the society are equal and the society egalitarian.
Learning and leadership are indispensable.
Now, there are various activities associated with a group requiring coordination between them. The task of such coordination maybe simple or complex depending upon the facts of each case. And the success, the continuity of a group, a community or a nation depends upon how their leaders are. Whether you want to accept the existence of a leader or not, it’s true and, at the same time, necessary. If you don’t emerge or project yourself as a leader somebody else will. In that case you’ll have to accept that you are a subordinate. So it is up to you to choose.

In a country like ours the chances are few, opportunities not very often knock our door. So to grab those chances, to lay hand on those opportunities you need to be alert. You need to dare to take initiative. You need to lead yourself to the path of fortune. Because if you don’t lead, there are many to takeover you on the road.

Fortune is a women . What is more, she is young and tempestuous. But a leader can always subdue her. A leader is daring. He is firm . She invariably favours the brave . She does not mind even being handled a little roughly. In fact, she will welcome it. And for that matter you have to be plucky and enterprising. That is why is said,
“Fortune favours the brave.”

Don’t undermine your worth by comparing
yourself with other….
The ocean of infinite power is within you.

It is because we are different,
That each of us is special, unique…….

First and foremost, believe firmly and definitely that you can and will become a leader, whatever be the odds. All the talk of leader being born and leadership being a hereditary gift is not true. In an age of democracy and equality anyone can be a leader, provided he is keen and strives to be competent and capable. It is the opportunity and individual’s ability to profit by it that counts. Look at the great leaders of the world. Most of them were ordinary fellows in their past but their determination, their grit and intelligence made them what make us talk of them, to cite examples of theirs. If they could all became great and guide the destiny of mankind, can’t you? Certainly you also can.

Trust your deepest instinct…
Trust your inner voice…
The voice of soul….

The more you listen to it, the quicker it sprout.
The more you follow it, taller it grows.

We all are born with an infinite number of different qualities with in us. One of the most important task of in our life is to discover and develop as many of these energies as possible, so that we can be well rounded and experience the full range of our potential.
knowledge. We all know that ideas rule the world. It is men of imagination and vision that will advance in life. An ignorant man does not know what he wants .He may miss the essentials and cling to worthless things. As you decide to walk up the ladder and reach the top, you will be faced with problems beset with difficulties and hazards. In the first place you have to identify the problems and anticipate the difficulties. Next, you have to find workable solutions and answers to get over the problems and difficulties. If you are mentally well-equipped, can forestall them and adjust your approach on the right lines. You can avoid them or skirt them, and where necessary, meet and master them. No doubt, the field of knowledge is so vast that it is difficult for anyone to master all its branches. All-round mastery is not necessary, after all. But a rudimentary knowledge of the various branches is a must. The depth is related to specialization, and in one’s particular field one must be thorough.

Second, the knowledge of the
specialisation is must. It concerns your chosen field of activity, hobby or interest, in fact, in whatever area you claim specialization. Without thorough knowledge in your own field, you will be seriously handicapped in gaining ascendancy over others. Lack of sufficient knowledge will, first of all, undermines your own self-confidence. Inefficiency and ignorance in your specialized field will create a serious dent in your armour and expose you to ready attack and severe criticism by your rivals. On the other hand, provided, of course, you do not have any negative qualities, people will automatically admire you, respect you and come to you for guidance when they realize that you are really knowledgeable and efficient in your job.

No matter how much you know, there will always be room for improvement. New ideas and fresh horizons are being constantly added in all fields. Learning is thus a continuous process. There is no end or stop to it. You must keep on learning and adding to your knowledge if you wish to stay ahead in lead and do not want to slip down.

One of the things which strongly count for success is your knowledge of men in general, and knowledge of those men whom you wish to lead or influence in particular. While establishing your leadership you have to deal with people who may be your seniors, your colleagues or your juniors. You must learn to adjust yourself to the needs and aspirations of individuals in each category. In general, each individual has a distinct personality. You can acquire knowledge of men by association, observation and by taking sustained interest in their affairs. In a nutshell, knowledge of human behaviour in general, and detailed knowledge of the men with whom you are directly concerned in particular, are most essential for you to become a successful leader.

The more you feed it, deeper the root it takes.
The more you share it, the faster it replicates.

Conceal not …the possibility that you are,
For you are the seed that contains million trees.

To become a top-class leader you should no doubt aim to be a top-class individual in your profession or chosen field. At the same time, you must also master the art of getting along as well as getting the best out of others. The success of a group, a team, as a whole, depends on the motivation of all members of the group, their mutual cooperation, understanding and teamwork. If you have the quality to bind the team or group, you will definitely be called upon to lead.

The study of the techniques of leadership must help you to acquire and perfect the qualities governed by these two factors of leadership. It would be apt to consider a few of those qualities.

One of the essential perquisites for leadership is
How many of you are walking around with that Mega-You inside you, hidden away safely so that it cannot get trampled on one more time?
How many of you are hiding behind a mask of something mediocrity that is not really you humbleness?

Well I say it is time you come out of the closet ! Time to throw away these masks and be truly, everything you really genuinely are ! Don’t be afraid of your passion, of your power, of your knowing yourself.

We all are born with an infinite number of different qualities with in us. One of the most important task of in our life is to discover and develop as many of these energies as possible, so that we can be well rounded and experience the full range of our potential.

If you care deeply and passionately then you can’t hold back what you can offer. It is time for a new leadership in our world. It is time for a new collective pour to emerge from the very heart and soul of humanity. This can only happen if we each step out of the closet, throw away the mask of indifference and rush head long and passionately into our playground of creation.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are
Small matters compared to what lies with in us.

Those who have already done so discovering a world of amazing synchronicity, of friends who truly get who they are, of a deep and deepening fulfillment with life and of a profound relationship to a new kind of power, the power to create the new realities, new futures, new life and last, but not the least, a new humanity that reflects the very deepest and greatest that we all can be.

Be Active, Alive, Adventurous..
Boisterous, Brave and Bold ;

Confident Cool and Clear headed..
Daring Determined and Decisive

Eager, Earnest and Eloquent..
Free thinking, Fresh and Fun loving..

But above all BE THE MEGA YOU.



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