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Personality of Success


A pleasing personality, the personality of success is a personality that does not antagonize. Personality cannot be defined in one word, or with half a dozen words, for it represents the sum total of all one’s characteristics, good and bad. 

Your personality is totally unlike any other personality. It is the sum total of qualities, emotions, characteristics, appearance, etc., that distinguish you from all other people on earth.  

Your clothes form an important part of your personality: the way you wear them, the harmony of colours you select, the quality and many other details, all go to indicate much that is intrinsically a part of your personality. Psychologists claim that they can be accurately analyse any person, in many important respects, by turning that person loose in a clothing store that sells a great variety and where the subject has instructions to select the clothes freely.  

Your facial expression, forms an important part of your personality. Your voice, its pitch, tone, volume, and the language you use form important part of your personality, because they mark you instantly, once you have spoken, as a person of refinement or the opposite.  

The manner in which you shake hands constitutes an important part of your personality. If, when shaking hands, your hands you offer is limp and lifeless as a dead fish, you are displaying a personality that shows no sign of enthusiasm or initiative.  

A pleasing personality usually may be found in the person who speaks gently and kindly, selecting refined words that do not offend, in a modest tone of voice; who selects clothing of appropriate style and colors that harmonize. One who is unselfish and not only willing, but desirous of serving others; who is a friend of all humanity, the rich and poor alike, regardless of politics, religion or occupation; Who refrains from speaking unkindly of others, either with or without cause; who manages to converse without being drawn into vulgar conversations or useless arguments on such debatable subject as religion and politics; who sees both the good and bad in people, but makes due allowance for the latter; who seeks neither to reform nor to reprimand others; who smiles frequently and deeply; who loves music and little children; who sympathizes with all who are in trouble an forgives acts of unkindness; who willingly grants others the right to do as they please as long as no one’s rights are interfered with; who earnestly strives to be constructive in every thought and deed encourages others and spurs them on to greater and better achievement in their chosen line of work.  

A pleasing personality is something that can be acquired by anyone who has the determination to learn how to negotiate his or her way through life without friction, with the subject of getting along peacefully and quietly with others.  

One of the best-known and most successful men in America once said that he would prefer a pleasing personality, as it is defined in this course, to the college degree that was awarded to him, more than fifty years ago, by Harvard University. It was his opinion that a man could accomplish more with a pleasing personality than he could with a college degree, minus the personality.  

The development of a Pleasing Personality calls for exercise of self-control, because there will be many incidents and many people to try your patience and destroy your good resolution. The reward is worthy of the effort, however, because one who possesses a Pleasing Personality stands out so boldly, compared to the majority of people, that his or her pleasing qualities become, all the more, pronounced.  

It has been said, and perhaps correctly, that “courtesy” represents the  most valuable characteristics known to the human race. Courtesy costs nothing, yet it returns dividends that are stupendous if it is practiced as a matter of habit, in a spirit of sincerity.  

Good Showmanship a Part of Personality

Life may be properly called a great Drama in which good showmanship is the utmost importance. Successful people in all callings are generally good showmen; meaning they practice the habit of catering or playing to the crowd. Let us compare some well-known historical figures from different areas on the subject of their ability as showmen. The following once enjoyed outstanding success in their respective callings, because their genius and invention was heightened by their good showmanship :  

Theodore Roosevelt
Henry Ford
Thomas A. Editions
Billy Sunday
Wm. Randolph Hearst
Geo. Bernard Shaw 

Following is a list of some well-known men, each famous for great ability but falling short on the score of good showmanship, by comparison with the foregoing list :  

Woodrow Wilson
Calvin Coolidge
Herbert Hoover
Abraham Lincoln 

The inclusion of Abraham Lincoln’s name here proves that his other sterling qualities took over and placed him at the top of history’s list, despite a natural lack of showmanship. 

A good showman is one who understands how to cater to the masses. Success is not a matter of chance or luck. It is the result of careful planning and carful staging and able acting of parts by players in the game.  

What is to be done about his defect by the man who is not blessed with a personality which lends itself to able showmanship ? is such personality to be doomed to failure all his life because of Nature’s oversight in not blessing him with such personality ?  

Not at all ! Here is where the principle of the Master Mind comes to the rescue. Those who do not have pleasing personalities may surround themselves with men and women who supply this defect. The financier J.P. Morgan had rather a pugnacious attitude towards people that prevented him from being a good showman. However, he is associated with himself others who supplied all that he lacked in this respect.  

Henry Ford was not blessed, by Nature, with native ability as a good showman, and his personality is not on hundred percent perfect by a long way, but knowing how to make use of the Master mind principle, he bridged this defect by surrounding himself with men who do have such ability.  

What is the most essential characteristics of good showmanship ?

First, the ability to appeal to the imagination of the public and to keep people interested and curious concerning one’s activities.

Second, a keen sense of appreciation of value of the psychological appeal through advertising.

Third, sufficient alertness of mind to enable one to capture and make use of the prejudices, likes, and dislikes of the public at the right psychological moments.

Factors constituting a Pleasing Personality : 

1.   Good Character :

Let us start with the first essential, which is character, for no one may have a pleasing personality without the foundation of a sound, positive character.”

You have to go inside-out. You have to start within yourself.

2.   Good Speaking Power – Voice, its tone, volume, and quality :

“I do not recall a single outstanding attractive personality that was not made up, in part, of ability to speak with force and conviction. Study the prominent men and women of today, wherever you find them, and observe the significant fact that the more prominent they are the more efficient are they in speaking forcefully.”  

“Put feeling and emotion into your words as you speak, and develop a deep, rich tone of voice. If your voice is inclined to be high pitched, tone it down until it is soft and pleasing. You can never express an attractive personality, to best advantage, through a harsh or shrill voice. You must cultivate your voice until it becomes rhythmical and pleasing to the ear.” Napoleon Hill. 

3.   Honesty ( Intellectual, moral, and economic)

4.   Magnetism ( High rate of vibration due to well-defined, healthy sexuality)

5.   The manner of shaking hands

6.   Poise, Clothing and posture of the body

7.   Facial expression

8.   Sincerity of purpose

9.   Choice of words and their appropriateness

10.   Enthusiasm and Cheerfulness

11.   Unselfishness

12.     Dominating thoughts (because they register in the minds of other people)

13.    Positive Attitude

14.    Be helpful, Kind and Generous

If you wish to try an interesting and perhaps beneficial experiment, analyze yourself and give yourself a grading on each of these fourteen factors of a Pleasing Personality. An accurate check up on these fourteen points might easily bring to one’s notice, facts which would enable one to eliminate faults that make success impossible. 

It will also be an interesting experiment if you form the habit of analyzing those whom you know intimately, measuring them by the thirteen points, here described. Such a habit will, in time, help you to find in other people the causes of success and failure.  


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