Although seemingly harmless, what can surprise you is that many people are quite dull and dead. They have not given themselves the necessary care and attention to make them alive. They talk about things that they have no immediate interest for and no reasons for liking other people. Instead of liking other people, many people loathe them. They do not esteem other people and they easily hate them. And, they seldom experience the pleasure of relating to other people. In other words, we frequently observe people who don’t love and feel hated. These are the people whom you encounter every day, people whom you encounter in masks. They are so frightened and upset that they keep away from others and use protecting mechanisms to safeguard themselves. For instance, they guard their own self-esteem. Self-esteem and protecting your self-esteem are two peas in a pod. The peas form the basis of your personality. Therefore, your sense of self-esteem forms a part of your personality. If you don’t have a sense of self-esteem, you form a protective mechanism that keeps you from being happy and satisfied. You repair and restore your sense of self-esteem. Having a sense of self-esteem makes you feel good about yourself. It is the tonic for your personality. When you have a sense of self-esteem, you happy and uplift your life. The happiness can spread to all parts of your life. It has a positive effect on your relationships with other people, societal influence and you own career. When you live a life filled with freedom and happiness, you’ll be healthier. You’ll be happy and satisfied. You will experience joy and flowers in your life. And, you know that you are beautiful. not looking at yourself directly in the mirror Avoid critical expressions such as: right, wrong, frolic, flirt, appeal, offer, rejection, defiance, complaint, and insolent. Have your own sense of style. You are beautiful, regardless of what you see in the media, all the designers and marketers from Hollywood to the streets. The best get on the ‘waves’ and start blending in to the vibe of the environment you are in. You could be yourself, the charisma of your personality will always shine through. When you feel the need to speak up: Facial expressions can help you regardless of the situation. It helps you maintain eye contact and convey deep emotions. In less stressful environment, you need to sharpen your Winning smile. A Smiling Face does not need to be a tired or frowning face. Others may say you have a funny face, but their actions always suggest otherwise. You have the knowledge of what other people think of your looks. When you face the mirror, you can look at yourself and cheer up your looks. Whatever your purpose is, you need to shave, pluck, shape, tone, color, or style any hair problem. Add lipstick shades-by coloring your own lips you can effect change and sometimes unintended change, blindness for you. Benefits of using a extensions are much much cheaper than having treatment done by a professional. So you can face the mirror with confidence.