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Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability of a person to command respect by building relationships or by the ability to get along with the people or situation.
A simple but vital question has been haunting us for long : “What ticks success in life ? For quite some time now almost everyone believed in the age-old  paradigm that one’s intelligence(IQ) is solely responsible for his or her success on the job, and for that matter, in life. However there have been instances that we often came across that only intelligence ie academic excellence doesn’t necessarily contribute to success in career or even social life. There are people who have high IQ but have not done well. On the contrary, people with modest IQ have performed well. Then this possess another question : what factors are at ply leading to such differential performance ? Psychologists and behavioural scientists have tried to answer this question. According to their findings, the difference quite often lies in their abilities what they call “Emotional Intelligence(EQ)”. In a sense this is what Schwartz (1997) views : what actually matters is not how much intellect or mind one had, but how it is used what one had.
Emotional Intelligence : Before we explain the meaningof the word EQ, let us define first the terms emotion and intelligence..
Literary or Dictionary Definition :   Emotion is any agitation or disturbance of mind, feeling, passion, any vehement or excited mental state. But emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability of a person to command respect by building relationships or the ability to get along with people or situations.


Foundation of Success


The very basic foundation of success is in-built in an individual’s attitude. Every and each one of us carry our own construct of reality. We have an attitude towards life and living. We carry a mental map so to speak of what is right, what is wrong what should be.

“There are many individuals who have achieved an incredible degree of outward success, but have found themselves struggling with an inner hunger, a deep need for personal congruency and effectiveness and for healthy, growing relationship with other people.”

Such successful people are troubled by deep problems, painful problems-problems that quick fix approaches can’t solve. Quick-fix approaches like personality development courses and the other courses on self-improvement, according to Stephen R. Covey are merely designed as social-image consciousness, techniques and quick-fixes with social band-aids and aspiring that addressed acute problems and sometimes even appeared to solve them temporarily, but left the underlying chronic problems untouched to fester and resurface time and again.


Principles of Success

Principles of Success

Ø Develop definiteness of Purpose
Ø Establish Mastermind Alliance
Ø Assemble an attractive Personality
Ø Use Applied Faith
Ø Go the Extra mile
Ø Create Personal Initiative
Ø Build a Positive Mental Attitude
Ø Control your Enthusiasm
Ø Enforce Self Discipline
Ø Think Accurately
Ø Control your Attention
Ø Inspire Team Work
Ø Learn from Adversity and Defeats
Ø Cultivate Creative Vision
Ø Maintain Sound Health
Ø Budget your Time and Money
Ø Use Cosmic Habit Force

Definite Purpose of Life:

One should have a high desirable, outstanding goal and keep it ever before you. You can have many non-conflicting goals, which help you to reach your major definite purpose of life. It is advisable to have immediate, intermediate, and distant objectives. Identify your desire with a definite plan for carrying out and achieving your objectives. Put your plan into action at once.

Act Now:

The meaning of life is action. You are known by your actions. You are remembered by your actions. The generations today know Gandhi as a man of peace, Einstein as a man of science, Henry Ford as a man who built a huge fortune. When we remember a man, it is the picture of his actions that come to our mind.


Positive Leadership

Positive Leadership:

A Philosophy of Life

Successful leadership principle:
Desire, Decision, Faith, Persistence,
the mastermind and organized planning.
Sometimes rarer than ability is
The ability to recognize and nurture ability….
Super Leaders create Leaders.

Albert Grey spent his life trying to find out what he called the common denominator of success, finally he said:

“The successful person has the habit of doing things failures don’t like to do. The successful also don’t like doing them either, necessarily, but their dislikes is the subordinated by the strength of their purpose.”


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