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A leader requires a strong will power. Strong will power enables the leader to develop good habits essential for successful leadership. Initially, a leader has to consciously condition his mind and thought process to look at things in a positive manner with optimism, by the exercise of his will power. He must look at the brighter side of the problems.

We are all familiar with the saying that “where there is a will, there is a way”.  An individual with an iron will, will have indomitable determination. He will have the stamina to stick to his decision and task, no matter what odds are there. Nothing will deter the strong-willed individual from his or her chosen mission. Strong will power will invest the leader with strong resoluteness, firmness and decisiveness. There will be no wavering, no vacillation, no  ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and no hankering. Will power enables the leader to assert himself, to take the plunge to accept challenges, to be bold and enterprising. It alone can enable you to persist and hold on, when everything appears lost.

One needs a good deal of will power to persist with a difficult task under trying condition. There may be occasion where you may get into a tight corner and everything goes against you. The time may come when it might appear you could not hold on even a minute longer. You should never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn in your favour. You need all the will power you can muster to resist temptation to yield, to quit, to throw up the sponge at this critical stage, when the last stage is to be taken, when the final effort is to be made. It is the last step in the race that counts. Many a prize has been lost just when these were ready to be plucked, since the individual lacked the will power to take this all-important final step. In the ultimate analysis, will power is required to overcome one’s temptation not to do the tough, difficult and strenuous things.

One has natural inertia and a love for pleasure. You need the will power to overcome this inertia and develop the ability to make sacrifices, in order to gain your coveted goal. Let us take a common example. All of us interested in developing our physique and maintaining sound health. This calls for regular physical exercise. May be you have to get up an hour early in the morning for this purpose. But both getting up early and taking physical exercises might prove most irksome, especially when the initial enthusiasm wears off. Missing an hour’s pleasant sleep is certainly some sacrifice. Doing the physical exercises is definitely irksome and unpleasant. Yet both have to be accomplished if you are to gain your good physique and sound health. You have to exercise your will power, therefore, to persist with your physical exercise.

We need the will power to carry on, to fight against temptations, to do things in the right manner instead of choosing an easy way or a line of least resistance.  To drift in the wind, to float downstream with the current, you don’t have to make any willful effort. But to be in the lead, make the rest follow your path, to march ahead as a path finder, to do the unusual, to accomplish great things, to rise against the wind, to swim or raw upstream against the current, you need will power. But to be the certain of your senses, to maintain control and discipline, to be the master of our fate, you cannot do without the will power. In brief, will power is victory, will power is leadership and will power is success.

The unique feature of will power is that the more you exercise it, the more you develop it. It multiplies in a geometrical progression in an individual at each time or occasion he or she exercises it. Therefore the only way one acquire a strong will power is to begin by exercising it at each possible opportunity. The exercise of will power will then become a matter of habit. You would have acquired both self-control and self-confidence.  In fact these two important attributes of leadership viz., self-control and self-confidence, are only the extension of one’s will power. Discipline is the result of will power since discipline is essentially the self-control. Determination is nothing but will power expressed by different names.

Every human being is born with a certain measure of will power. Some exercise it where as some fail to exercise it and allow it to remain dormant and weak.  A leader who is keen to acquire a strong will power must begin by exercising his will whenever opportunities present themselves. Initially, you need will power to stick to your programme. Therefore, you can start with your daily schedule. If you have planned to get up at five in the morning, make sure that you do so every day. This conscious effort to get up at a particular time in the morning and the necessity to exercise will power would be necessary only till you develop the habit. Once a habit is formed, it cannot be broken unless will power is applied in a concentrated measure. That is why it is necessary that we develop it right from the beginning. After getting up, you concentrate on your physical exercise. Once again apply will power in the beginning and see that you take the exercise regularly. If you happen to miss it, start all over again. Never yield to the temptation to abandon or give up your physical exercises.

If you have planned to study or read during certain hours of the day, make sure you complete the study or reading. Slowly and steadily tackle more and more difficult and unpalatable tasks. For those who wish to reduce weight, it might be difficult to control their eating habit. But exercise of will power will do the trick.  Use your will power and see that you keep your temper. Let your will power come into play to force you to listen more, to give sincere appreciation, to look things from the other person point of view instead of yourself monopolizing the conversation and talking about yourself and your own interest or problems. Force yourself to listen instead of talking by the sheer might of your will power. Similarly do the reverse during a group discussion, debate or when facing an audience. Just force yourself to talk, to participate to deliver a lecture. Use your will power to stop yourself whenever you are tempted to criticize, to find fault, to talk ill of others or to blame others. With the help of your will power be positive and eschew negative qualities.

The will power of an individual can also be strengthened considerably, especially when directed towards overcoming entrenched bad habits like smoking, drinking, gambling and the like. One motivating factor could be to contemplate on the advantages of persisting with it. If you give up smoking, for example, there are at least two distinct advantages.  One is saving money which could be utilized for more useful items. The second thing is to discourage your children, younger brother or sister from taking to this bad and harmful habit. We all are interested in enjoying a happy, healthy and full term of life. Secondly, smoking also causes a certain amount of inconvenience. The other factors which go to strengthen one’s enthusiasm, optimism, faith, interest, keenness, urge, sense of responsibility and strong desire to become a successful and effective leader.

One can also find inspiration to develop one’s will power by reading the life stories of great men and women. Biographies and autobiographies as well as various personal improvement websites could help one to develop and strengthen his or her will power.

It is also true that for anything and everything, there will be a way provided there is the will. For the cynic who raises the doubt as to what would happen if there is no way, your answer should be that you will blaze a trail and make a new way if one does not exists already. This is the approach of a confident and success-oriented leader. Assert with absolute confidence that you will find a way to make it. Go ahead with courage and determination. You are certain to get success.


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