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Personality of Success


A pleasing personality, the personality of success is a personality that does not antagonize. Personality cannot be defined in one word, or with half a dozen words, for it represents the sum total of all one’s characteristics, good and bad. 

Your personality is totally unlike any other personality. It is the sum total of qualities, emotions, characteristics, appearance, etc., that distinguish you from all other people on earth.  

Your clothes form an important part of your personality: the way you wear them, the harmony of colours you select, the quality and many other details, all go to indicate much that is intrinsically a part of your personality. Psychologists claim that they can be accurately analyse any person, in many important respects, by turning that person loose in a clothing store that sells a great variety and where the subject has instructions to select the clothes freely.  

Your facial expression, forms an important part of your personality. Your voice, its pitch, tone, volume, and the language you use form important part of your personality, because they mark you instantly, once you have spoken, as a person of refinement or the opposite.  

The manner in which you shake hands constitutes an important part of your personality. If, when shaking hands, your hands you offer is limp and lifeless as a dead fish, you are displaying a personality that shows no sign of enthusiasm or initiative.  


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