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The jack-of-all-trades seldom accomplishes much at any trade. Life is so complex, and there are so many ways of dissipating energy unprofitably, that the habit of concentrated effort must be formed and adhered to, by all who would succeed.                                                  

Power is based upon organized effort or energy. Energy cannot be organized without the habit of concentration of all the faculties on one thing at a time. An ordinary magnifying glass may be used to so focus the rays of the sun that they will burn a hole in a board in a few minutes. Those same rays will not even heat the board until they are concentrated on one spot.                                                   

The human mind is something like a magnifying glass, because it is the medium through which all the faculties of the brain may be brought together and made to function, in coordinated formation, just as the rays of the sun may be focused on one spot with the aid of that glass.  

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It is worth considering that all the outstandingly successful people in all walks of life concentrated the major portion of their thoughts and efforts upon some one definite purpose, objective, or chief aim.  

Witness the impressive list of men who created and lead American earlier history, whose success was due to their having acquired and practiced the habit of concentration :  

Woolworth concentrated upon the single idea of five-and-ten cent stores and become one of the nation’s creative geniuses in the retail field.

Henry Ford concentrated all his energies upon the single aim of creating a cheap but practical automobile, and that idea made him one of the most powerful and richest men in history.  

Marshall Field concentrated his efforts upon building “The World’s Greatest Store” and was rewarded by tens of millions of dollars, an unthinkable amount at that time.  

Van Heusen concentrated years of his efforts on the production of soft collar, at a time when men thought they would be free of the stiff collar, and the idea made him wealthy in a comparatively short time, and with a name forever synonymous with the chosen product of his concentration.  

Wrigley concentrated his efforts upon the production and sale of a humble five-cent package of chewing gum and was rewarded by millions of dollars and a memorable place in history for his perseverance.  

Edison concentrated his mind upon the production of “talking machine”, the electric light, the motion picture, and stores of other useful inventions, until they all become realities and assured him a place at the top of the pantheon.  

Bessemer concentrated his thoughts upon a better way to produce steel and Bessemer process is evidence that his efforts were history-making.  

George Eastman concentrated his energy upon radically improving the business of photographs, and this one idea made him multimillionaire.  

Andrew Carnegie, the child of immigrants, envisioned a great steel industry, concentrated his mind upon that purpose and made tens of millions of dollars.  

James J. Hill, while still working as a telegrapher at forty dollars a month, concentrated his thought upon the dream of a great transcontinental railway system and kept on thinking about it, (and act on his thought as well) until it became a splendid reality and made him one of the wealthy men of his time.  

Cyrus H. K. Curtis concentrated his effort upon one idea of producing the best and most popular magazine on earth, and the splendid Saturday Evening Post was but one of the results. He not only created a great magazine, but his concentration of thought brought him millions as well.  

Orville Wright concentrated upon one goal : mastering the air with a heavier-than-air-machine, and accomplished it against all odds, with life-changing results.  

Marconi concentrated his mind upon one thought : sending wireless messages and countless lives were improved.  

Truly, whatever one can imagine, one can create, providing the mind concentrates upon it with determination, not to stop short of victory.  

Great and powerful is the human mind when functioning through the aid of concentrated thought.  

Woodrow Wilson determined to become President of the United States, twenty-five years before he actually occupied the president’s chain in the White House, but he kept his mind concentrated upon this purpose and eventually achieved it.  

Ingersoll concentrated on the production of a good, practical watch that could be sold for one dollar. His idea, plus his concentrated efforts, made of him a multimillionaire.  

E. M. Statler concentrated on the building of hotels that rendered home-like service, and made himself one of the leading hoteliers of the world, to say nothing of many millions of dollars in wealth.  

Rockefeller concentrated his efforts upon the refining and distribution of oil, and his efforts brought him tens of millions of dollars. 

Russell Conwell concentrated a lifetime of effort on the delivery of famous lecture, Acres of Diamonds, and that one lecture, brought in more than six million dollars at a time when people were being paid in pennies, and rendered the people of his time, a service, the extent of which can never be estimated in mere money.  

Lincoln concentrated his mind upon freedom for mankind, and saw his task through, though the end proved unfortunate to him. 

Gillette concentrated upon producing a safety razor; the idea made him a multimillionaire and linked his name permanently with all such products.  

William Randolph Hearst concentrated on newspapers, and became king of his field and lord of his manor.  

Helen Keller was born deaf, dumb, and blind, but through concentration, she learned to “hear” and to speak, inspiring the world.  

So the story might go on and on in one continuous chain, as evidence, that concentrated effort is profitable.  Find out what you wish to do – adopt a definite chief aim – then concentrate all your energies in support of this purpose until it has reached a happy climax.  

Observe, in analyzing the next law on co-operation, the close connection between the principles outlined and those associated with the law of concentration. Wherever, a group of people ally themselves in an organized, co-operative spirit for the carrying out of some definite purpose, it will be observed that they are employing the law of concentration and unless they do so their alliance will be without real power.  

Raindrops, as they fall through the air, each one for itself, helter-skelter, represent a very great form of energy, but this energy cannot be called real power until those raindrops are collected in a river or dam, and made to pour their energy over a wheel in organized fashion; or, until they are confined in a boiler and converted into stream. 

Everywhere, regardless of the form in which it is found, power is developed through concentrated energy.  

Whatever you are doing as your daily occupation, then, do it with all your attention, with all your heart and soul, focused on that one definite thing. Success and Happiness will definitely follow. 


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